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“Beautifully written! I thoroughly enjoyed Love’s Triumph. Patsy Kentz has written an honest, revealing and insightful book. I felt as if I were right beside her every step of her journey.  Love’s Triumph offers a beautiful message of hope.  I could not put it down!”

Desi Farren, CAC

Founder and CEO

The Recovery Center of Northern Virginia

“Love’s Triumph is outstanding!  

A ‘must-read for all who want to convert their pain into growth.”

Sander Genser, MD Addictions Psychiatrist

“Love’s Triumph is an engaging, poignant and inspirational gift of healing that touched my soul. I saw reflections of myself resonating throughout Patsy’s story, as will the many who will read it. Patsy’s life shows us that in accepting the power of love, determination and diligence, success is ours to embrace.”  

Kristi O’Haver, Great Falls, VA.

"An inspirational story... filled with the intensity of addiction and the triumph of love!"  

Ellen A. (fellow traveler)

I read this beautiful book in one sitting—I could not put it down.  It is an incredible journey through pain and loss to healing and restoration through the power of love.  Its message of hope lingers in the heart long after the covers of the book have been closed."

Patricia Ondo, Contra Costa County, CA

I read this book in a single sitting. Couldn't let it go until I got to the good news! No matter how much of a hold you think addiction may have,
Dr. Kentz says that knowing love, feeling love and being loving will beat that beast back. Such a simple and heartfelt prescription from a
Doctor who has been there and back, more times than she can count. This book is full of hope. I highly recommend it for anyone who knows
or loves an addicted person, and needs to believe that it can get better.

Gina MacDonald (Reston, VA United States)
Love's Triumph is the most beautiful book that I have ever read regarding addiction and how one person through recovery
found love and peace. I could not put the book down. I read it in one setting because I was so touched.

I heartily recommend Love's Triumph to all who are interested in alcoholism, involved in recovery, or have someone in their life that is in
recovery or struggling to recover from addiction. It is an education in the disease - how indiscriminate, tenacious and powerful it is, how
devastating it can be, and how, if determination, self-awareness, acceptance, and willingness are present, it can be put into abeyance.
Dr. Kentz's faith and dedication to AA and getting sober did the trick for her, and it is a privilege to be allowed to follow her story. I stayed
up way too late finishing Love's Triumph - so worth it! It is an impressive and inspiring story of how one person struggled with addiction
and finally was successful in putting her alcoholism into remission.

Ann Covington
From the time I picked up Patsy Kentz's book, "Love's Triumph," I could not put it down. With the turn of each page, I was learning more
about Patsy's personal struggle. I felt honored to have a glimpse into Patsy's walk of recovery. "Love's Triumph" is a must read for anyone
that believes you can overcome an addiction.

Kelly P
This book is a must read for anyone who struggles with addiction (and their loved ones for that matter). I had difficulty putting it down and
read it in one sitting! Patsy's depiction of her addiction to alcohol, it's impact on those who love her and the consequences of her inability to
stop drinking are heartbreaking. That having been said, this is also a story of perseverance and determination. Her message provides hope
and steps that she took to get sober and stay sober. In sobriety she has found happiness, love and serenity. What a wonderful book!!

Denise T
Love's Triumph shows the power of love over the tortuous disease of alcoholism. I couldn't put it down as I read about all the events she
encountered in her life, that eventually led her to sobriety. The book is a "must-read" for anyone living with alcoholism themselves, or with
the alcoholism of a relative or friend. HOPE shows its face and proves that with love, sobriety is possible! Well written and thought provoking!

Loved the book. Heartfelt and up lifting. Once you start, you can't put the book down. It's beautiful to see how it all turns out. And, if you
are a dog lover, you won't be surprised to find that a furry, four pawed dog played a key role.
A true story of Patsy's life tragically spiraling down. I can't believe what turned it around. A real love story!
I don't often recommend books but I certainly do this one.

Marlene M
What an amazing story--well written and easy to follow. A story of hope, faith and love. I purchased additional copies to give to others.

Linda W
This is an addictive read. Once you start you won't be able to stop until it's over. You will feel like you were right there with pasty through
all her triumphs and downfalls. You just want to give her a hug and tell her it's alright. This story is truly a remarkable tale of one woman's life
and addiction with alcohol and the one man who decided to stay with her really through "thick and thin". It makes you appreciate those good
influences in your life and want be a strong arm for those who need you to not let them down. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND this book for anyone!

Ashley P

Molly G
This was a wonderful book- I couldn't put it down. The honesty is astounding and truly life-changing. Don't miss out!
I have never read a story that was so closely paired to my battle with this thing! The pain and confusion and failure after failure, there's been
times I was seriously thinking about suicide. I was "lost" as the author says about herself...no one could help me, except myself. I'm buying
another couple of copies for some friends of mine. Thanks Dr. Kentz for your courage to write this book..I felt at times the raw pain of your
struggle to keep going... Inspirational for sure!!
I found this book an enlightening experience into the world of alcoholism. It showed the authors determination beyond what I personally
could have imagined and was a true realization of the power of love and what could be achieved by it.
What an inspiring testimony of hope.....and the rewards of never giving up.
Jody O.
An amazing story of Patsy's life! I could not put it down and read the entire book in a day. She tells a very genuine, honest and humble story
of her childhood and adulthood as it relates to addiction and how she learns to cope with life. I mostly was amazed at the true triumph of how
learning to love one's self really is so important, not always easy, but the key to it all. Thank you Patsy for sharing your touching story!!
Julie H
Dr. Kentz aptly tells the story of her long term struggle with alcohol. It is a classic example of how alcoholism viciously stalks its victims
without regard to race, creed or social class. She chronicles her story in a loving way, making the richness of her current sober life worth the
battle of getting and finally staying sober well worth the effort.
Dr Kentz writes about her struggle with a most devastating disease, for which the cure is not easily available. She does not give up her fight,
even during her most desperate moments, when all hope is lost, and the demon seems to be triumphant. Love of life, her love for her family,
and her great support and devoted love from her husband, and Skippy, and finally her belief in herself and the fellowship she finds in AA brings
her back to life. This alcoholic lady, with her intelligence and love of life finds the most wonderful and sincere way to describe her struggle and
failures, the rocky road of recovery and brings the old Indian tribe saying back to an ever more beautiful description. When something
miraculous happens to this tribe, they say "WE ARE WALKING UNDER THE SHADOW OF A RAINBOW".  I highly recommend
this book to all those who lost hope because they have a fatal disease, which alcoholism is.
Steve W.
This was simply a good read. The fact that it was about recovering from alcoholism was just an extra for me. I knew Dr. Kentz like I had
ived it with her. I hope this author continues to write books on other subjects, she is a natural story teller.
John Shelby
I absolutely loved "Love's Triumph", I simply couldn't put it down. The book was a genuine portrayal of coming from the depths of despair,
to ultimately the author being able to love herself and be loved by others. Excellent for anyone, but especially for those in recovery.
There is hope!!!
Julie Rome
This inspirational book is a winner. Patsy takes you on a roller coaster of emotions in a story you can't put down. We can all learn something
from her struggle with an addiction, and how Love, Perseverance, and Faith can work miracles. I look forward to Patsy's next book.
Honesty. That's what Patsy has written, a story of her life, who she was, who she became, and who she is now. It is an introspective self
assessment about what factors went into her personality, how her life evolved, the ups and downs, the happy and sad, and how she overcame
adversity. A great self assessment. Anyone can benefit from Patsy's experiences. I only wonder if she's as good as her dogs think she is.
Mike O
An easy, quick and engrossing read about one woman's determination and perserverance as she persued and still works at a lasting recovery
and sober life. A lovely book filled with hope and love for anyone in, or thinking about joining, any type of addiction program and those who
love them. A great addition to any library.
Elly H
This is a must read! Patsy Kentz's story, while about her overcoming addiction is applicable to everyone. It is about acceptance of yourself and
others. Patsy's writing style is as if she is in the room with you having a heart-to-heart talk. I would recommend this book to everyone.
This book is such a wonderful read!!! I could not put it down and therefore finishing Love's Triumph in one night. Patricia Kentz was willing to
write her story with such honesty which allowed the reader to see a side of a doctor that most would never get to see. Thank you, Patricia, for
putting your life into words. Everyone can relate to this book because addiction is all around us. This beautiful story will give you hope and
inspiration for yourself or others you may know battling addiction. A must read, for sure!!!
Kimberly A
"Love's Triumph" - Thank you Dr. Patsy Kentz! Patsy's book caught me by surprise. I expected to learn more about her life - not mine.
For anyone that battled addiction.....for anyone that loved someone that fought that battle, win or lose.... Please, READ THE BOOK.
You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself and the power of love.
"Especially in times of darkness, that is the time to love, that an act of love might tip the balance." - Aeschylus
5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring, August 27, 2012
Michael Godwin (Vienna, VA United States)
A must read for all. Patsy shares an intimate and compelling story about her life and struggle with addiction. Infact she doesn't just tell us about
her life, she invites us in. Through the pain and the heartbreak we are with her all the way to her triumphant victory over alcohol. I could not put
t down and highly recommend this book for everyone, especially for those who have a similar story or know of someone who does.
Dr. Kentz writes honestly about her attempts to get sober. It is only when she realizes that alcoholism is truly "cunning, baffling and powerful"
that she surrenders to the fact that she is powerless in the face of alcohol. It's this surrender, not her own willpower, that allows her to finally get
sober. And, in surrendering, she she finally accepts and loves herself and allows herself to feel the love of others. A powerful story.
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Book! This is a very well-written and softly woven story about the hardships of addiction that will help and bring
clarity to anyone who struggles with addiction. It is an extraordinary story that is written in a relatable way, one that allows the reader to
experience the difficult effects addiction can have on someone's life while still keeping the stories light and relatable. And it shows that with
dedication and introspection anyone can overcome their problems. I fully recommend this to anyone who is looking for insight into the world
of addiction or just an interesting and provocative read!
5.0 out of 5 stars A True Triumph! Dr. Patricia Kentz has courageously shone a spotlight onto the dark secrets that most of us would rather
keep hidden and locked away and in doing so has written a bold, beautiful, poignant, and inspiring accounting of her long battle and triumph over
alcoholism. Unlike schmaltzy, attention seeking books written by equally schmaltzy and attention-seeking celebrities, Dr. Kentz is truly a
representative of "everywoman/man." From her childhood in New Jersey, through college, dental school and her professional and personal life
this is a frank, no-apologies self-examination of a bright, vivacious woman's struggle for approval and recognition, and acknowledgment of
success. Nothing is off-limits as Dr. Kentz lays open her life and honestly shares how her battle with alcohol resulted in a downward spiral that
affected not only her, but her family, friends, co-workers, personal relationships and endangered her practice and ability to make a living in her
chosen field; until at one of her lowest points unconditional love entered her life from the most unexpected of places and gave her the strength to
triumph over her demons. No matter who you are or what your personal demons may be you will be moved by her story. Through example
Patsy will give you the strength and serenity to fight your own demons.
5.0 out of 5 stars Suspenseful, Heartwarming This is a story of courage and perserverance. Courage to look inward and perserverance to
move forward time and time again despite the setbacks along the way. Suspenseful and awe-inspiring, truly a page-turner.
5.0 out of 5 stars I loved It!! I learned a great deal from Love's Triumph. It inspired me to examine my own life and has allowed me to express
my feelings more openly. I am truly grateful to Patsy for this awakening. Thanks
Laurie H